Happy belated Valentine’s!

Just wanna wish all of us here, a very happy belated Valentine’s day! Better late than never, of course! We’ve been on the road, traveling Europe through Switzerland, France, Spain and now in Portugal, where we hope to renew, refresh or kindle our ties with the Art lovers and collectors. So, in the mean time, let us have a loving good time in respect for the meaning of valentine and his day! 🙂 ❤

Happy Valentine's Day! - HannaKhash Art 2015.

Six Months Later…

HI All!!

Happy New Year ii.png

How is the New Year 2017 going for everyone? Hopefully all the best is coming to all of us, wonderfully good peeps!! Mine is fine so far, and may it stay that way or get even Finer!

Okay, what’s the latest in HannaKhash Art? Apart from some new paintings which haven’t been updated/uploaded yet in here, as they are still in the “into the frame” stage, we have come up with a few more videos. Two new”FriendsInLife” videos, vid #2 and #3 are in “HannaKhash Art Production”. To watch the videos, click on these links: FriendsInLife vid#2  and  FriendsInLife vid#3

Other than these two less than 30-seconds videos, we have also come up with two other genre videos. One is “In The Sea, pt1”. Click on link to watch: In The Sea, pt1

As well as, the second series of “Chef Khash’s Virtual Kitchen – How To Fry An Egg” is now available for viewing at: Chef Khash’s Virtual Kitchen – How To Fry An Egg

The two latter videos were produced directly under “Hanna Khash/ HannaKhash Art Online Gallery & (Mobile) Art House”.

All links are in YouTube, so, one need never to fear to click on links that are provided here in HannaKhash Art! Well, we hope all our productions of mini series and such are keeping us all entertained once in a while! Here’s to Good Life and Enjoyable Shows!! 😀


How many years have passed?

Here I am in HannaKhash Art, being the admin and realizing that the updates had been rare. Sorry about that, but as you all know, we at HannaKhash Art are mobile, which means, we are on the road most times, and at the moment, our Mission Travel Earth is also keeping us busy! However, we managed to find time to do fabulously fun things like … creating animations!!! The past year, throughout 2015 until today, in June 2016, we have been busy with making our ideas come alive and pop into the screen!

So, here are the three latest videos from HannaKhash Art (Production), with their links in Youtube:

  1. Chef Khash’s Virtual Kitchen – HomeMade Strawberry Jam – link: Chef Khash’s Virtual Kitchen – HomeMade Strawberry Jam
  2. Natural Toothpaste – link: Natural Toothpaste
  3. Friendsinlife vid#1 – link: Friendsinlife vid#1

We hope you all enjoy watching them as much as we have enjoyed making them! By the way, the recipes in the videos are all do-able and real, although they are presented in the cartoons!

friendsinlife, homemadejam, naturaltoothpaste tn

See you again soon, happy watching! 🙂

Happy New Year!

Friday, January 9, 2015.

Happy New Year, dear readers and HannaKhash Art supporters! How is everything with everyone? Hoping that all are going great!

We are happy to be back and active online again now – after what, 6 months of silence? Well, we have not exactly been silent actually, but with the move from Malaysia to Europe, and finding ourselves a place to be a proper gallery again, (which we are proud to say, we have achieved our dream of being Mobile!) it took us sometime to start updating every website that we are running. Most of our updates for the last six  (6) months  were done in our official fb page: https://www.facebook.com/HannaKhashArt , so for those interested in what was going on for the past six months in matters of our art and art works, please go there for a visit!

Okay, now.. with all these changes, we are now in the midst of updating our site here in wordpress, so stay tuned for the next couple of weeks for the changes that are being worked on here. We are working very hard on this and more! 😀

For now, changes that are already done are,

1) updates on our latest videos, which are (i) “Mission Travel Earth with Cosmic + Hanna 2014”, (ii) “HannaKhash Art Digital Video #004″, and (iii) “Christmas & New Year 2015 w Christmas end”

2) info on the unavailability of our original acrylic paintings in handcrafted wooden frames

3) payments and delivery information

4) change of our address and contact info.

More changes will be worked on, so you can expect updates a bit more often for the time being!

In the mean time, do watch our videos, which links we’ve provided in the “HOME” page.

Here’s wishing all of you a belated “Merry Christmas” and a very “Happy New Year 2015”. We want to also thank all of HannaKhash Art’s fans & supporters for being with us all these years – we are now in our 3rd year already! Thank you, you all! 🙂

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Happy New Year 2015!
Happy New Year 2015!

Latest from HannaKhash Art!

June 27, 2014.



Hi everybody! We have some things going on in HannaKhash Art at the moment. On the Art side, we have now, as you all know, the Free ClipArt section where you can download some cliparts for free, courtesy of HannaKhash Art! We hope you enjoy them! 🙂       Link: https://hannakhashart.wordpress.com/free-cliparts/

Next, we have also now a new page titled, “Creator Art”, which is under “Free ClipArts”. There are three free creator sets which you can download through the links given. They too are free, they were the first 3 sets that we put together, so as our token of thanks for everyone’s support, we hope you enjoy them too!  Link: https://hannakhashart.wordpress.com/free-cliparts/creator-art/

The “XtraCreator Sets” are for purchase at RM24.00 per set. For now, we have only six sets there, but more will come soon.   Link: https://hannakhashart.wordpress.com/free-cliparts/creator-art/xtracreator-sets/

Okay, now comes the next exciting part! HannaKhash Art Gallery is moving its base to Europe. We have been preparing for this decision to move for the past one year, but only now our plans are coming to fruit! Our travel plans are partly holiday plans, so why we’re telling you all this is, because for the next one month, within the month of July 1-31, HannaKhash Art is on part holiday. Which means, No Art Prints or Art Cards or anything printed by HannaKhash Art, will be actively promoted and sold through our online websites. If any order should occur during that month, we hope then that it is understood if the order takes a longer time to process than usual. Otherwise, money-back is guaranteed, unless the order has already been processed, then some processing fee will be charged (refer to our shopping website: http://www.hannakhashart.com

However, HannaKhash Art/Hanna Khash have some of our paintings/artworks offered in other platforms which offer prints on behalf of Hanna Khash/HannaKhash Art. These links can be found at: http://www.hannakhashart.com/page-16411.html

The only things that are actively promoted and offered during the whole month of July, are the PDF books in “Art Books”, link: https://hannakhashart.wordpress.com/497-2/

as well as all the downloadable files in XtraCreator sets (see link, above, third paragraph). We also offer our artworks in PDF for the clients personal printing. These are all entertained as special requests. Each artwork in PDF is offered at the same price as the print, and comes with printing rights from the artist/gallery for one good copy per purchase.

All orders/inquiries will be done through: https://www.facebook.com/HannaKhashArt

or you may e-mail us direct at: hannakhashart@gmail.com

All inquiries/orders/transactions, will be treated accordingly, as per our regular business transactions.

So, thank you everyone for reading and following our gallery’s growth, progress and soon, adventures! Will be updating again soon! Bye!

Free Clip Arts for download

May 7, 2014



Hi all! HannaKhash Art had just finished a couple of projects recently. One was creating E-card for a personal client, and now, we’ve uploaded a few free cliparts onto the website.

There are about 60 cliparts you can download for free at our newly added section called “Free ClipArts”, and the link is:


How it works:

You can simply select an image you like, click on it and once the image is enlarged, you can just right-click and save image directly on your computer. There are only a couple of conditions at the bottom of the page as a reminder on when not to use our free cliparts images.

That’s all the news for this time around, till the next time! Cheerios!


HannaKhash Art ART BOOK

HannaKhash Art ART BOOK








HannaKhash Art ART BOOK

HannaKhash Art Art Book intro
HannaKhash Art Art Book intro

April 13, 2014.


What’s latest from HannaKhash Art for this time is our HannaKhash Art ART BOOK. Our in-house artist, Hanna Khash compiled most of her original art works of acrylic paintings, (also the ones in the handcrafted wooden frames), and digital paintings/digital art-drawings. The book is 85 pages thick from cover to cover.  We are selling the book in PDF, of high-quality images – 407 MB file. Each copy ordered will come with Printing Rights from the artist/gallery for one good quality copy.

The book is available in the Art Books section and may be ordered through our fb/HannaKhashArt page or here in WP under our ‘Contact Us’ page.

Another thing new since we last posted is our video of “HannaKhash Art (Online) Gallery “T52” Art House “, which provides an online full gallery tour of our Art House. An 11 and 1/2 minutes video, so prepare for a comfy viewing – popcorns allowed! To watch, please click the link below:


Thanks for watching and reading!

HannaKhash Art Virtual Online Gallery

March 17, 2014

Hello again, friends (and hopefully, no foes!)! 🙂 This is just to let you all know that we have now a slideshow in HannaKhash Art – of our Art House named “Gallery T52”. You can find it in ‘HannaKhash Art “Gallery T52” Art House’, which is under the “Home” tab.

It is  a guided “Virtual Online Tour” which takes you to our Art House, where we display all our original acrylic paintings in handcrafted frames, on the gallery walls.  We hope you enjoy the show and tour!

Our Virtual Online Gallery is available 24-7 in :


HannaKhash Art  "Gallery T52" Art House banner.
HannaKhash Art
“Gallery T52”
Art House